Romantic relationships and sexuality are burdened with many social pressures, misconceptions and biases, that confuse us thus creating pressures and conflict. What’s more, each one of us is a dynamic, constantly evolving human being with their own history, character and expectations, and even the best matching personalities aren’t immune to drifting apart or having clashes and disagreements.

Therapy isn’t about giving advice or magically fixing the situation without work and involvement from yourself. Therapy is about helping you correctly identify the problems and facilitating the learning process necessary to make changes happen.

Your age, background, gender or sexual orientation don’t matter. We will work together to find solutions that work for you, fully respecting who you are.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

Relationship Therapy:

Every couple has its unique needs. There are many different reasons people might want help from a relationship therapist.

Maybe your relationship is on the rocks, affected by a conflict, or maybe you’re mostly doing well, but there are minor issues you’d like to address before they snowball into something bigger. Maybe you’re in a happy relationship facing a lifestyle change, like moving in together or having a baby, and would like to ensure you’re well prepared for it as a couple. Or possibly you’ve decided to go your own separate ways and would like to do this on best possible terms, avoiding unnecessary harm?

Having a neutral, trained person involved in the process makes the discussions more productive, while avoiding misunderstandings. In the therapy sessions both partners are always treated equally. There’s no taking sides or picking favourites. We’ll work together to improve communication and find the best solutions for both of you.

Sex Therapy:

Whether you’re struggling with a sexual dysfunction, or simply feel curious or uncomfortable about certain aspects of your sexuality, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Most sexual disorders can be successfully treated with the right therapeutic approach, but can be very disruptive to everyday functioning if kept bottled up. Whether your problem seems serious or you find it trivial, as a trained therapist I’ll be able to find the right way to approach it and help you solve it.

Please feel free to contact me or book a free consultation to clarify any doubts.